Get Motivation

Get Motivated by lazar-agelov


As I wrote in the previous article, the motivation is probably the most important thing, if you want to change your lifestyle. And not only at the beginning of this journey, but mainly you should hold above the water, to those periods when the body gets used to the system, and for some time will your efforts to trim the fat. In these times many people lose their motivation, and when he sees that the results occur more slowly or not at all, and simply wraps it and returns to the comfort zone, where they were before the changes started to work. You really want to discard because of one failure for weeks, or even months of hard work on? All this renunciation, overstressing, persuasion of himself?
I think not!
If you feel that you the motivation slowly leaves, or just want to reinforce, read on. (J)
I’ll give you a few tips on how to get your motivation back. Each of them at least a little work-own experience. (J)


You’re already on the leadership of the diary’s old? The stupidity! You don’t have time for it? Be brief and just take it.
I took a great diary. I wrote to him the initial extent of the weight. Every day I write down what I ate, I drank, if I had water with Apple vinegar/lemon, what was I supposed to sport if I committed some “eating sins.” Here and there, when it was more time and what was, so I have some period assessed, what I did was progress does not make such problems or, conversely, in what I have failed. Each week (on Thursday) I had attributed the current weight. I wrote there’s a variety of motivational motta and quotes, what I saw somewhere on the net, or I’m some kind of made it up. Maybe it comes absolutely useless, but I recommend you get it at least a couple of days to try. Me personally motivated enough. It is one thing to just eat the chocolate to sit, even though i know that I can’t. The second thing it is with a heavy heart to write into the diary. Ashamed for it because you do not have it just in my head, but they gave you this “someone” else. For the next lesson to you and change your mind’s better, what you put in your mouth.
It’s great when you’re convinced that all of you are doing well, but still you can’t lose weight. You can then expert, or friend what better confesses as they look simply describe your eating habits and sport and to better determine the cause.
In addition, when you really can manage something to lose weight, and then prolistujete, you’ll see the diary’s piece of work. You see, as they were hard beginnings, but despite that you got to where you are today. This will give you more strength to go on and you will be duly proud of yourself.

Motivation where you look

I’m sure you already have at least a bit of an idea about how you would like to look like. Zapátrejte a little on the Internet and what’s the most postahujte images, on which, if you look, you say: “Oh, is it worth it to me, I can do this.” The best thing is to print and put on visible places. I did the véélkou Bulletin Board with photos and motivational quotes over the desk, I made a collage with lots of pictures in the background of the screen on the laptop, motivational picture on the screen of your phone unlocking, printed some photos on the wallet (from the outside, that never occurred to me to spend for calorie bombs. When I lost her, it was fun. I don’t want to know how many people have seen it. 😀 But mainly found.) Great, put a couple of photos on the fridge. (J)
I don’t care what people think when they see my wallet or cell phone photos of the “flat-assed” vyrýsovaných cats. I’ve known, and what is that to me, what they think the rest. Maybe a few taunts from the beginning get inside if you are sure your orientation. We can ignore it, they are those stupid comments will go. When you manage to achieve what you want, you will laugh you;)
Your goals may be different, but for those of you who are trying to achieve a little vypracovanější characters like me, I have a couple of motivational videos.